What We Do

LDANZ is a national association for local learning disabilities organisations and learning disabilities professionals, as well as others with a personal or professional interest in the wellbeing of those with a learning disability.

We are committed to


Giving the public flexibility and choice as to how and where they might access LD services such as educational assessments, specialist teaching and support.


Providing professional development opportunities for our members as well as for others who wish to participate.


Providing LDANZ accreditation to LD professionals who continue to meet nationally accepted professional and ethical standards.


Promoting the use of only scientifically established theory and practice.

Member Organisations

Our member organisations typically coordinate assessment and teaching services, provide various parent and teacher resources and provide advice and support. LDANZ member organisations may also be able to provide hardship grants and subsidies to their members in certain circumstances. 

Registered Teachers and Assessors

A list of LDANZ registered LD teachers and LD assessors, with contact details, can be found on the following pages.


Registered Assessors

Registered Teachers


Our governing body is the LDANZ National Council. The Council is composed of an executive committee and a professional committee. The executive committee consists of the president, secretary, and treasurer. The professional committee consists of four individual professional members. Members of the council are elected at the AGM by the member organisations.