Training Options



Training is available to New Zealand registered teachers who wish to specialise in order to work with those seeking help primarily with literacy struggles.


We have investigated a number of SLD teacher training programmes and certificates and are able to discuss the various options with you. For further information, please contact us using the Contact Us page.


For teachers wishing to become registered with LDANZ, as a specialist LD teacher, the course/certificate you take will need to be one acceptable to LDANZ. The applicant must be a fully qualified trained teacher. The options available will be discussed with you. For further information, please contact us using the Contact Us page.

Teacher Training Options

Stage 1

4 week online course What is Dyslexia? An in-depth look hosted by the Dyslexia Training Institute, USA
This course is offered five times each year.
To find out more about this course, start dates and registering click here:

Text: Sally Shaywitz, Overcoming Dyslexia Second Edition (2020)

An equivalent course, gaining knowledge and understanding of dyslexia, would be considered for cross crediting. Please use the Contact Us page, providing the details of the course provider, an overview of the course and when you completed it.

Stage 2

This is currently under redevelopment.

For more information, use the Contact Us page.

Stage 3

Mentorship for first 12 – 18 months of teaching as a LDANZ Teacher

For more information, use the Contact Us page.

Parents and Teacher Aides


We recommend Dyslexia Institute Training Course

LD Assessors


From time to time LDANZ offers a limited number of training places for suitably qualified applicants wishing to become registered learning disability assessors.  To discuss a possible application, please contact us using the Contact Us page.

Assessor Training

With Woodcock-Johnson IV (Australasian Adaptation)

Required Credentials


An academic background containing relevant tertiary qualifications in psychometric assessment and personality theory at an advanced level.  


A fully trained New Zealand teacher qualification with classroom teaching experience or, as a minimum, has a tertiary qualification in education/teaching with practical knowledge of classroom teaching and practice.


For further details of our entry requirements and training programme.

Academic requirements

Current training programme

Online Professional Development Courses

NZAOT – Difficulties With Handwriting Course

An online course for anyone who supports children in kindergarten or school to become a literate person. Rita presents practical solutions and techniques that can assist with three very common problems for children who experience difficulties with handwriting.

These include:


Pencil grasp


Letter formation


Self monitoring skills

Please click on the following link for for information or to enroll on this course: Difficulties with Handwriting