Become a Member

If you, or your organisation, would like to consider becoming a member of LDANZ, please contact us here.

Individual members may be assessors, teachers, academics, parents, or indeed anyone with an interest in learning disabilities and who are interested in belonging to our association.

Registration as an LD Assessor or LD Teacher is available to individual members who meet the necessary requirements for registration. Registration, if applicable, is included as part of the membership and is covered by the membership fee.

When contacting us, please state what type of membership you are interested in and we will send you the appropriate application forms and information.

Membership Categories

Member Organisations

Member Organisations that meet the requirements outlined on our website are eligible for membership. The membership fee is $200/year.

Interested in membership? contact us here

Teacher Membership

Teacher membership carries with it a LDANZ Registered LD Teacher registration. Continuing professional development is a requirement. Teacher membership is available to NZ registered teachers with additional training in teaching those with a specific learning disability. Teacher membership is $90 for an initial membership application and $75/year subscription renewal. For an initial membership form click here. To discuss your options please use our Contact us page.

Prospective teachers who have experience and qualifications, but who have not been an NZ registered teacher, may be considered on a case by case basis.

Interested in membership? contact us here


Assessor Membership

Assessor membership is granted only to suitably trained and qualified learning disability assessors and carries with it an LDANZ Assessor registration. In addition, a Trainee Assessor Membership (same fee structure) may be granted to those applicants who meet our requirements for LDANZ Learning Disability Assessor training. Assessor Membership is $90 for an initial membership application and $75/year subscription renewal.

To download academic requirement guidelines click here

For information on the current training programme (document is attached) click here

For more information contact us here

General Membership

General Membership is available to individual members who are not registered as LD Assessors or LD teachers with LDANZ. This is does not, of course, confer any particular professional status upon the member. The membership fee is $40/year.

Interested in membership? contact us here

Membership Benefits

All Membership

categories provide the following benefits to members


Placement on our members’ mailing list


Access to our members’ area of the website; you will be provided with login details. The members’ area contains links to the LDANZ constitution, LD professional development articles, material from past conference presentations, a members’ forum, back copies of newsletters, various forms for downloading


Discounted prices for conferences, on-line CPD, and commercial LD related resources from designated suppliers as detailed on the members’ section of the web

Professional Members

(Registered LD Assessors and LD Teachers): in addition to the left

Professional Members

(Registered LD Assessors and LD Teachers): in addition to the above


Accreditation and continuing professional development. Further Information For further information and/or application forms please email us:

For more information contact us here